Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Webpage Design

I have put up a new version of my webpage at This has kept me busy for the past couple of days.

Today looks like a gloomy/rainy day. The plan calls for a day of surges on a flat/paved surface so I guess that will work out ok. I think the trails will be a bit soggy since the rain was fairly strong and lasted for an hour or so. This will soak everything and produce some mud (all those KC trail nerds know mud..hehe).

You know that old saying about when all you have is a hammer, everthing looks like a nail. Well the Trail Nerds have add a new dimension to that. When all you have is mud...start classifying it into different kinds... A recent exchange in the yahoo group finds them talking about mud with regards to color, texture, aggressiveness...who knew.

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Strawberry Hill Runner said...

This weekend's run had to be moved due to some agressive mud... some of our stuff will jump up and take you down if you're not careful... and people think Kansas is boring!