Saturday, March 28, 2009

What I said...

I guess I was right about false spring. With a foot or more of snow in the area, nature reminds us that the calendar is not to be depended on. This is probably a good time to talk about weather and trails. Although we got a lot of snow with this storm, it looks like the residual moisture will be minimal.

In many areas, spring means wet and soggy trails. As good trail runners, we should pay heed to
the trail conditions and avoid trails that would suffer from use in such times. While romping through the mud sounds like fun, please avoid those trails until things dry. Running to the side of
the mud is NOT and option as it leads to trail erosion and in the long run..more mud.

There are a lot of trails that you can use without fear of damage in the area. In real bad weather, I usually run south from woodmen as this is mostly paved and the park clears it quickly. The SantaFe trail in general is composed of a base that is ok for use in wet times. There are some
areas that get some mud but the trail is usually wide enough by design to avoid these patches.

Mostly it is the developed trails that are usable during this period.

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